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    Types of Addiction

    Discussing Addiction Support Categories

    Our Prescott drug addiction treatment program takes each individual person story into the equation and strives to help attain long-term recovery. When we think or hear about addiction, the only thing that comes to mind would be drug addicts or alcoholics. While substance abuse is very common and fairly well known, that isn’t the only type of addiction.


    Let’s understand what’s addiction, shall we? American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) defines addiction as follows:


    Addiction is a primary, chronic disease of brain reward, motivation, memory and related circuitry. Dysfunction in these circuits leads to characteristic biological, psychological, social and spiritual manifestations. This is reflected in an individual pathologically pursuing reward and/or relief by substance use and other behaviors. Addiction is characterized by the inability to consistently abstain, impairment in behavioral control, cravings, diminished recognition of significant problems with one’s behaviors and interpersonal relationships, and a dysfunctional emotional response. Like other chronic diseases, addiction often involves cycles of relapse and remission. Without treatment or engagement in recovery activities, addiction is progressive and can result in disability or premature death“.




    365 Days Sober

    1 Year Sober A Personal Story

    1 YEAR SOBER: The Story of an Alcoholic - YouTube


    Hi, my name is Noah & I am an alcoholic. I told myself that if I ever got at least a year of sobriety that I would tell my story. In this video, I detail my history with alcohol to the best of my ability. From the time I took my first drink to the time I took my last (god willing).


    Regardless of whether you choose inpatient addiction treatment or outpatient care, the intake process will be nearly the same and conducted by a counselor at the facility.

    How to get a drug intervention in Prescott, AZ

    Do you know someone who has an addiction problem? ​

    Our staff will gladly meet with you to discuss how interventions work and what we can do to help.


    The specific steps of a person's addiction rehabilitation process will vary according to the type of addiction, the treatment plan used, and the individual seeking rehab. However, all recovery processes tend to share certain key elements:

    1. Intake.
    2. Detoxification (detox).
    3. Rehabilitation (rehab).
    4. Ongoing Recovery.



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    Addiction is a brain disorder that is complex and alters one’s motivation and reward system. Anyone coping with addiction can’t control their urges or take logical decisions, even if they’re faced with negative outcomes. Addiction can be behavioral or psychological and typical characteristics include compulsion and craving, coupled with the inability to stay away from lifestyle dysfunction or substance abuse.


    Substance / Drug Addiction: One of the most common or widely known types, drug addiction involves the use of drugs like cocaine, alcohol, opioids, prescription drugs, etc.


    Psychology and Behavioral Addiction

    What does the research on addiction and treatment say?

    Behavioral Addiction: Behavioral addiction is about one’s inability to control the urge for certain behaviors like shopping, gambling, sex, working, cutting, etc. They’re often called as impulse control disorders where one is not able to resist or refrain from something.


    Basically, experiences and compounds that have addictive potential influence brain’s reward system. Also called reinforcers, the high one gets by engaging them, prompts them to do so again. Drugs and alcohol are considered potent reinforcers. They release dopamine and repeated activity affects brain’s reward system chemically and structurally, thus escalating abuse or trigger withdrawal symptoms when one tries to refrain.


    Substance Abuse & Addiction Research

    What does the research on substance abuse say?

    Research points that one individual can be struggling with both substance addiction(s) and behavioral addiction(s), or either of it. This means, there is a possibility for multiple addictions and each with varying intensities. It is important to understand that addiction isn’t only harmful to the person who’s addicted, but affects those close to them in more ways than one. You cannot say one addiction is better than the other or worse; an addiction is a problem and should be treated as such.


    In most cases, dealing with addiction calls for professional help. If your loved one is battling addiction, be supportive and attentive. Understand they’re affected and aren’t themselves, no matter what they do and get help! In most cases, professional help is very important and can work wonders. Addiction is a real problem and millions of Americans are battling one form of addiction or the other. It could be due to a hectic lifestyle, genetics, or for any other reason or due to no specific reason, but we are here to help and fix this very real epidemic that should never be ignored.


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    An introduction to our program which, at its foundation, the goal of personal transformation and recovery is found through a community, stress-relief techniques, structure, and the expansion of certain life-long procedures to nurture and grow a healthy life of sobriety. Our programs are proof that freedom from drug addiction treatment in Prescott AZ is possible, attainable, right here in beautiful Prescott, AZ.


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  • Understanding the Dynamics of each Step

    12 Step Program for Alcoholics ~ An Introduction


    Before we learn about the 12 Step Program for Alcoholics, let’s know more about Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). Alcoholics Anonymous is a global organization that aims to help individuals who are addicted to alcohol to attain sobriety. As the name suggests, the members are anonymous and this ensures privacy.


    They have a 12 Step Program for Alcoholics, a treatment program they offer free of cost. The participants are to follow a set of 12 recovery steps to accomplish and maintain alcohol abstinence. Some participants have a sponsor to help them along the program. It is a program with a spiritual inclination and believes in the existence of higher power. Membership is free and one must be an alcoholic with a desire to quit, to join AA. However, anyone can attend AA’s open meetings.


    The 12 Step Program for Alcoholics is as follows:


    1. The first step is admitting one doesn’t hold power when it comes to alcohol and that their lives have become difficult, as an aftermath. Most alcoholics don’t admit they’re addicted and can’t control their urge to drink. So the first step in the program is admitting it!


    2. The second step is accepting the existence of a greater power and believing in it. This step is important because alcoholics should believe in something greater to help with their recovery. They can choose any higher power that works for them and it doesn’t have to be God.


    3. The next step is deciding to surrender their will and lives to God or higher power, as this immensely helps with their recovery.


    4. Next is doing a fearless and thorough moral self-inventory. Though this self-examination is uncomfortable as it is, it is an important step to get past any embarrassment, regret, anger or even guilt.


    5. Next, most important step is accepting their faults to God or higher self they believe in – anyone they’ve hurt, along with a detailed explanation of their wrong. This acceptance of their wrong behaviors in the past is difficult but aids in their healing and recovery process. The participants are usually asked to write down this in a paper and share it with their sponsor.


    6. For this step, the participants are asked to admit they need the help of God or higher self to eliminate their character defects and get ready for it.


    7. Once they’re ready, they have to request God to remove their shortcomings, humbly. Not one person can tell they are without shortcomings. It could be anything – anger, lack of empathy, apathy, negativity, etc. Alcoholics aren’t equipped to do this by themselves and need the help of God for removing their negative traits.


    8. Now, they’re asked to list everyone they’ve hurt and got ready to make amends for it. This is a very important step – they write down every single thing they’ve done to hurt other be it small or big and amend them.


    9. They’re highly encouraged to make amends directly or in person, except in cases where that step would harm them or others. Participants with a sponsor can use their help to identify what is best. Some write a letter, while some meet the hurt individuals head-on.


    10. For this step, the participants are asked to continue with the self-inventory to ensure their behavior isn’t detrimental to anyone around them.


    11. The participants are asked to meditate or pray and establish a connection with God, and seek his help and identify their life purpose and ask for His help to fulfill it.


    12. Last but not the least – this is where the alcoholics have had a spiritual awakening or have established a connection with their spiritual self. Now they’re asked to convey what they’ve learned to other alcoholics and practice what they’ve learned in their lives. This not only helps their recovery but also makes a way for them to help others who are affected by alcoholism.


    This is the 12 Step Program for Alcoholics. Though there are no statistics to prove the efficacy of this method due to the anonymity requirement for AA, the program’s success shows many benefits from it.


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